Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cashews or Prozac?

Today, I finished watching FoodMatters and feel invigorated. Invigorated that everything we need to be whole, healthy and free of disease is all around us. One of the most spetacular bits of information received from this movie was from Dr. Andrew Saul. He stated that two handfuls of cashews a day, gives one the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac. Cashews? Really???
Wow, imagine something so easy and so inexpensive (compared to a prescription medicine) that has the ability to do what Prozac does without SIDE EFFECTS!
We need to hear Hippocrates's words time and time again.
Why is it so easy for us to believe that a 'pill' has all the answers inside its tiny capsule and not an organic, fresh foods diet? They both go in through our digestive track and feed our cells something. One choice might be a green-colored pill, but is it not a form of food going into your mouth? Not one cell in our body is made out of a drug. Yet, fruits and vegetables contain all the raw materials to build up our health and feed our cells. Feed the cells and they will heal themselves. We need a multitude of vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. We can not remain deficient in building materials by eating a diet low in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, iron and more, and expect to pop a pill and have our mind and body healthy again. Pills treat symptoms, which is great in crisis-prevention, but not great in chronic illness. FOOD treats the root cause. So just for today, I encourage you to drink more filtered water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and feel satisfied that you fed your body what it needs to build and thrive on. If not today, then when?
And, just in case you are feeling depressed along with low energy, why not try the two handfuls of cashews a day, that Dr. Saul has watched work time and time again? What have you got to lose but depression? I truly believe that given the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, your body will know how to heal itself. It is a God-given right to be strong, healthy, and vibrant. We have everything we need in nature to feed ourselves properly. It is important to remember the rule: If our grandmothers wouldn't recognize it as food, DON'T EAT IT!
We have been marketed to death and it is time to take back control for our lives. We are still free to decide what type of foods we will put into our bodies. The saying is not a lie: We are what we eat. Let's eat vibrant, healthy life-sustaining foods and allow them to jump start the God-given healing mechanism inside each of us.
Wishing you the best,