Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild Mint Room Freshener

When my husband was finishing his dissertation, he would become mentally exhausted and stressed out but had to continue his demanding timeline and workload. After reading the benefits of peppermint oil, I purchased a small bottle of it. He began carrying it in his backpack. When he was completely mentally tired or before any big tests, he would take the small bottle out and breath it in deeply. This simple act sent new stimuli to his brain. It helped him feel less stress and improved his mental stamina. I will never forget this experience or the benefits of breathing in the oil. It was such an easy way to help him with the daily stress of life and it worked!
Nowadays, when I clean my house I want to refresh the air around me. I think about lighting my candles, and while smelling 'good', can actually fill the air with harmful chemicals and make my lungs work harder at keeping the air clean. Yuck! Now what?
...Mint! I have a patch of wild mint growing in my backyard! The patch was healthy and I cut a large handful from it. I placed it in a sauce pan of water and set it on the stove to boil. The whole house was filled with the delicious smell of mint. It was just what I needed to feel revived and ready to clean! It felt great knowing that I could throw away polluting candles, plug-ins and sprays and send fragrance threw my house naturally!
Luckily, the health food store has a ton of different essential oils that make it possible to change the scents regularly! Jasmine in the air is one of my favorites, so far, and a little goes throughout the entire house.
Who knew the mint patch in my backyard could enhance my life so easily just by giving it a thought!

Interesting trivia for the history of Mint Aromatherapy:

The British Medical Journal in 1879 wrote that smelling menthol, (the main component in peppermint) relieves headaches and nerve pain. It became hugely popular to have a menthol cone in the home that would evaporate and fill the air with the smell of mint! Scientists agree that peppermint oil can help improve concentration and help us stay awake and alert.
For more interesting reading on using mint to relieve pain check out:

Here's to Happy Smelling!
Be Well,
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