Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chanterelles, Turtles, Snakes, OH MY!

Unfortunately it was raining when we took off on our favorite running trails today. Since, I didn't want to harm the camera, I left it behind and missed some truly fantastic pictures. The rain was only coming down slightly and a few minutes into the run it quit. It was a muggy, humid evening run... just the kind that the creatures come out for!
Our first sighting was a beautiful box turtle laying eggs in a hole on the side of the trail, which at that point ran along side a creek, so the soil was a perfect sandy mix for her eggs. We stopped to admire it and let our dog sniff it before we took off further down the trail.
The next spotting was beautiful mushrooms of all kinds. It looked like the mushroom scene from Alice in Wonderland! We spotted red, purple and green bolete mushrooms.
But the best find was a huge patch of chanterelles - a beautiful and tasty culinary delight! At Whole Foods yesterday, we noticed the Chanterelles were $29.99 a pound! Imagine our excitement when Doug took his shirt off and filled it to the top! In all, we picked about 3/4 gallon, which probably weighed a pound or so.
On the way back, we were treated with a tiny black rat snake on the path. I picked its whopping "5 inches" up and a let it slither and hunt for the dirt again! Such a cute little black snake the size of a large worm. We also surprised an unsuspecting deer as it stood by the creek bed.
Just another exciting run on a terribly ordinary day. It's the little things that make me appreciate life. Seeing a blue jay, or watching my dog sniff a turtle and jump scared when the turtle moves into her shell. Finding chanterelles and making a mushroom cream sauce that would make your momma cry! Taking deep breaths as a deer runs past the trail and smiling as we run past the most intelligent architectural wasp nest that I have ever seen. The little things will keep you happy. The little things will keep you connected. The little things will make you breath deeper. May we all open our eyes to the little things and count our blessings every day.

Live the Little Things,

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