Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Juice Glorious Juice!

If you have ever tried to feed a child, spouse, or yourself 5-9 servings of health-protecting fruits and vegetables a day, you know it can seem impossible at times. This is why I decided to try a new plan- JUICING!
Juicing has become an incredible way to consume huge amounts of fruits and veggies everyday without much effort. It floods the body in nutrients and helps wash out harmful toxins. If your cells have any mineral deficiencies the juice will quickly correct it. A diet high in sugar, processed foods, and too much red meat causes inflammation in our system and increases pain throughout our bodies. Juicing with fresh, organic vegetables and fruits feeds the cells and they calm down, or de-flame!
Juicing has been shown to help fight diseases and promotes a strong immune system. Since the juice is fiber-free it is rapidly absorbed and goes to work within minutes- healing, energizing, generating health!
One of my favorite mixtures is carrots, apples, and beets with greens. You will notice a difference in less than a week if you start to juice a couple times a day. Your energy will be boosted and your mind will be clearer thinking. How else can a person take in 5-10 pounds of vegetables a day without a massive amount of work?

Sunshine Energy Drink

4 large carrots
1 apple
2 celery stalks
1 beet
1/2 cup beet greens

Wash and chop vegetables. Send through juicer, alternating greens with harder vegetables.

That's it! So simple! This is a VERY rich drink and if you are not used to the taste of vegetables, you might want to leave the beets and greens out for the first week. Slowly, your taste buds will get used to the bitters and begin to crave these flavors more and more.

The taste buds do get used to a diet high in fat, sugar and salt. They must be given enough time and exposure to develop an appreciation for vegetables and salad greens once again. If it has been awhile since you had large amounts of vegetables, it might take upping the apples in the juice for the first few weeks. This will sweeten the flavors and make them more enjoyable until the taste buds for bitter or pungent flavors are revived. After a few weeks of regularly juicing greens, you will enjoy it thoroughly!

Cheers to Juicing!


David Gladson said...

so will any juicer work? I am currently doing phytonutrients with juice each day (5-9 servings in it) - and I can truly notice a difference when I don't.

DandelionHeart said...

I am sorry it's taken so long to respond. I just noticed this comment! There are many different versions of juicers and lots of supporters for each kind. I am more of an encourager to just start juicing, at any level you can, with whatever juicer you have. The importance is getting the juicer into one's regular routine and keeping the nutrients flowing by actually juicing and drinking the vegetables. If you are wanting to buy a juicer, The Champion Juicer is always a winner with a proven dependability.
That is fantastic you are doing phytonutrients! It is amazing how getting the recommended fruits and veggies daily, can really make a huge difference in one's health.
Thanks for reading my post!